Billing Information

Recently everyone was notified by mail with the monthly invoice sent in May (for June), that as a cost-saving measure to lower expenses, while not increasing any airtime prices, that we would be going to all email billing; July 1 is the start of this so all invoices will now be emailed. They will arrive in common PDF format so if you need to just print one.

We have received a few requests to keep sending paper/ mail/ stamped invoices and we can accommodate it for the cost to produce them at $2 per month and will happily provide them. Next: please remit your payments by company check OR prior arranged EFT/ ACH with the bank as some have done this in the past. That is a perfect way to insure fast crediting of your account. Please call our new accounting department (310.530.9800) to set this up. One request has been made to use company checks but not have to mail them and we have two good answers for that:

1. Fill out the company check and sign it, then scan it on your copier/ scanner and email the check front image of it to us at [email protected] and we can most always deposit them by Smartphone imaging bank application; works great.

2. Alternatively; we happily accept Zelle payments; they are free to both of us; most banks have Zelle and you can check here: www.ZellePay.com/get-started and let us know you want to use this and we will set it up on our end.

Credit cards: These may have been used in the past and while we will be able to accept them going forward; they have increased their fees. Visa/ MC/ Discover are now 3.5% and AMEX is the most expensive at 4.5% which will be added to the invoice if you prefer to use that method. We still recommend you use a company check or EFT which has no fees and is the lowest cost for both of us.

EFT/ ACH payments: These are bank-to-bank transactions and we are setting up an account with the processor www.BILL.com who can do them for us; if anyone wants this let us know. Any questions please email [email protected] for a fast answer. Thanks!

Payment address is 22824 Mariposa Ave. Torrance CA 90502.